Keeping Your Money in the Bank

December 1, 1998

Does your company use outside contractors? Does your company have preventive maintenance contracts, with outside contractors, in place? Do you, or your company, have the time, or take the time, to make good business decisions when choosing a contractor? Have you always been satisfied with your choice and the resulting work? Do you have the expertise in-house to make an informed decision on the right contractor?

It is likely that at least one or more of your answers to these questions would be "no" or "I’m not sure". If so, where do I find the expertise, and what process do I use, is the next issue to deal with.

Service always comes from people, not companies. Most users of outside services in the building systems area would tell you that excellent service is not consistent over time as people change companies more today then ever. A company may be great today, and not so great next week. Opinions vary when it comes to choosing what type of coverage to take when deciding on a preventive maintenance contract. The range of choice has increased to the point that it can be extremely difficult to make the right choice. Two things to consider when considering an all inclusive program. First, it is very likely that you will cancel this contract prior to the expected life of the equipment being covered, and secondly, your contractor will make better than market profit three out of five years of the contract. The fourth year will even be higher. Your reasons for cancellation will vary, but with good preventive maintenance , HVAC equipment will last 25 years or more. Would you cancel a life insurance policy on yourself when you hit your fifties? Why give your contractor "insurance money" when there are programs that will allow you to keep that money and, as well, tell how much to keep?

EnerMac has approximately 35 – 40 years experience, in-house, to assist you choose your maintenance contractor and , as well, the type of program. This service fits all of our other offerings, but can be utilized on its own. Our employees have been service providers, and end users. As stated earlier, we are only as good as our people and our people are excellent.

Let EnerMac help you make professional business decisions in choosing your maintenance contractors. Let us help you keep budgeted money where it belongs, in your companies account!

Don DesCotes

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