Operational Management Tools of the Year 2000

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September 10, 1998 --


Our firm provides plans for the future to help manage in the fast emerging global economy. The management of the year 2000 is about to be a revolution in the recycle of properties. Over the past several years a new style of management is growing from both environmental and monetary concerns. The cost savings of this system is producing an industry change that can only be compared to the desk top computer. The idea of this system grew in the late 40’s, early 50’s, but at that time did not make economic sense. Now at the turn of the century with the global environmental and economic problem becoming of catastrophic proportions, there is only one answer. Management of assets is going to be based mainly on Life Cycle Costing. With the use of Cost Life Data in conjunction with the management of reserve accounts, a 21st century Asset management system is forming. EnerMac is providing asset tracking and the use of Cost Life Data to provide a reserve fund plan to help extend the life of a project. Our plans save significant costs over any projects life and reduce unnecessary down times. EnerMac believes over the next several years this type of management will move into all industries and in some countries become law (I S O regulations).

Scott MacKay

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